Seven Reasons Why You Might Want To Set Up An Appointment To See A Denturist

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If you use dentures, you need to make sure that you visit a denturist promptly when your dentures need to be replaced or adjusted. The following are seven reasons why you might need to set up an appointment to see a denturist

You're having trouble chewing food.

You shouldn't have any problems eating if your dentures are functioning properly. Unfortunately, some patients who wear dentures might struggle to eat foods that are especially hard or chewy.

If you find that you can't chew as effectively as you used to, you probably need to have your dentures adjusted. 

Your dentures are coming out of place frequently.

It's of course very cumbersome and frustrating to use dentures that don't stay in place. If you notice that your dentures don't fit securely in place in your mouth, you probably need to have some work done on them. Seeing your denturist is especially important if your dentures tend to fall out completely. 

You're experiencing pain as a result of using your dentures.

Don't continue to live with discomfort resulting from faulty dentures. Dentures that make your mouth sore can significantly detract from your quality of life.

Seeing your denturist should allow you to quickly have the issue corrected so that you can once again have dentures that are comfortable and effective. 

You're having trouble with speaking.

Those who use dentures should be able to speak normally when their dentures are in. Unfortunately, some patients with dentures struggle with speech because of problems with denture fit. This can be embarrassing for some patients and detract from their confidence. 

Your denturist can make adjustments to your dentures that will ensure that you can speak properly when they're in place. 

You've lost additional teeth since you first had your dentures made.

It's definitely important to see your denturist after any incident where the position of your teeth shifts or you lose additional teeth. If there have been any such changes in your mouth since you had your dentures made, you definitely need to see your denturist again. 

You've noticed visible damage to your dentures.

You should regularly clean your dentures and inspect them. If you notice that your dentures don't look like they used to, they may have become damaged in some way. In this case, it's important to make an appointment to have your dentures looked at by a denturist. 

Your gums have become swollen or started bleeding.

Poorly fitting dentures can be especially hard on your gums. You might notice signs like swelling or bleeding in your gums that indicate the need for work on your dentures. Inspect your gums regularly and be sure to make an appointment with your denturist if you notice swelling or bleeding.