Your Wisdom Teeth Removal: Signs You Need The Surgery Now

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If you're like most people, you're going to have wisdom teeth removal surgery at some point. Up to all four of your wisdom teeth can be removed at once, although your oral surgeon or general dentist may opt to remove just a few teeth at a time if not all of them are causing you pain or discomfort.

However, sometimes it's necessary to remove all four wisdom teeth at once, and sometimes urgency is great. Here are signs you need to have wisdom teeth removal surgery scheduled immediately.

Your wisdom teeth or surrounding teeth are infected

An impacted wisdom tooth can affect neighbouring teeth can cause lots of pain, and can also infect other teeth if bacteria gets into the open skin from the emerging tooth. Rather than deal with the pain and potential infection of a wisdom tooth that is erupting oddly, have the tooth removed. If your wisdom teeth are not impacted but the back teeth they're growing next to have cavities, the close-set teeth can all become infected as a result.

Your wisdom teeth are swollen and crowding other teeth

Any wisdom tooth that is swelling or crowding other teeth should be removed right away to avoid changing the placement of the teeth in your mouth. The problems your wisdom teeth can cause will eventually create both physical and financial issues that can be simply avoided by having the wisdom teeth removal surgery done sooner rather than later.

Wisdom teeth crowding happens for many reasons, with having a short jawline or all four wisdom teeth coming in at once being a few of them. Your dentist can schedule your wisdom teeth removal immediately based on your situation.

Your wisdom teeth are all the way in and ready to come out

While most people get their wisdom teeth come in by the time they reach 25 years of age, this isn't always the case. If you're older and your wisdom teeth have come in completely, then the need to have wisdom teeth removal surgery goes up greatly. Have your dentist schedule you for surgery soon, and if all goes well, the procedure should not last long because the teeth have fully erupted.

Your dental needs should be a priority, including having wisdom teeth removal done. Continue with regular cleanings and X-rays as needed to ensure your wisdom teeth are not impacting your smile negatively until you can schedule a time to have them taken out. You'll be prescribed antibiotics and painkillers by your dentist if needed.

Contact your dentist for more information on wisdom teeth removal surgery today.