What Is A Soft Denture Reline?

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When you first get dentures to replace your missing teeth, impressions and measurements are taken to ensure a proper fit. However, over time, the dentures start wearing down and no longer fit as well as they once did. When this happens, you need to get your dentures relined. Here is more information about the process and why it is beneficial.

What is denture relining?

Relining a denture means trimming away the underpart of your current dentures, then replacing them with another material. With soft denture relining, the new material is a soft, plastic material that is very comfortable when placed over your gums. It is a simple process that will let you keep your current dentures and save money, and it allows them to fit over your mouth better.

Why is relining needed?

Wear and tear on your dentures is a common reason to have denture relining done, but it is not the only reason. If you have bone loss from no longer having your teeth, which is common, you may need to get them relined. You also have to get this done if you have considerable weight loss or weight gain, water retention, or an infection of the gums. All of these situations change your gum size and placement in your mouth, which then requires adjustments of your dentures.

How is relining done?

If your dentures are no longer fitting properly, make a visit to your dentist or place like Beddington Denture Centre. They will take a look at your dentures and decide if you need soft relining. If so, they will take an impression of your gums and compare that to your current dentures. These impressions are sent to a dental lab where a new acrylic base can be made. The soft denture reliner is better for the lower denture, but you can also get the soft one for your upper denture in some cases. You may need to wear temporary dentures while you wait for the adjusted denture to come back from the lab.

Keep in mind that the soft reliner is only going to tighten your denture so it fits firmly over your gums so that you can eat and talk with ease. It will not change your appearance or change the appearance of the dentures themselves. If you don't like the appearance of your dentures due to their age, you will need to get new ones made.