Identifying Different Conditions With Routine Dental Exams

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Tooth issues are common problems that can be the result of a separate condition. Even though some of these conditions are not life threatening, they can create tooth decay or discoloration. To help identify any of these threats to your teeth, it is best to schedule routine dental exams, so your dentist can keep a close eye on your oral health.

Celiac Disease

Many people have Celiac disease and are unaware of it. This disease causes people to have a negative reaction to gluten found in wheat products. In many cases, people just avoid the foods that upset their stomach and are unaware that a bigger problem even exists.

Many people assume that a doctor would discover the cause of their upset stomach. However, unless you make a point of telling your doctor about your constant stomach issues, you may not get the right diagnosis. Usually, a dentist is the one to identify Celiac disease as your main problem.

Dentists consider this illness and a few other medical issues when their patients suffer from poor oral health even when they brush, floss and use mouthwash daily since Celiac disease can cause discoloration, enamel wear and tooth decay.

To help determine the issue, a dentist will ask several questions about your diet, daily oral care and any issues you have with your health. With this information, the dentist usually figures out that something more is going on and will recommend you see a gastroenterologist.

Dental Fluorosis

Dental Fluorosis is another condition that many people have and are unaware they have. When you consume too much fluoride before the age of eight, it can result in permanently damaged teeth.

For many people, the damage is superficial such as having yellow or light brown looking teeth. In more severe cases, the damage can be small holes, which allow bacteria or food particles to get into the teeth. If left untreated, the small holes can become larger over time and tooth decay can set in.

The reason many adults are unaware of this condition is due to a lack of dental examinations as a child. A dentist can help identify this issue and create a plan with you to correct any dental issues you may have.

Routine dental exams, with a clinic like Bite Dental Works, are important for both children and adults. Not only will they help with basic oral hygiene but they may be the only way to identify more serious health problems.