4 Common Questions About Wearing Dentures

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Some people find it difficult to wear dentures after getting them for the very first time. There is an adjustment period when it comes to doing things like drinking, eating, and talking, which can initially make wearing dentures frustrating. This is why people that are new to dentures frequently have questions about them. They have concerns about everyday activities that they will use them for, and how to go about making the initial adjustment period easier. Hopefully, the answers to these 4 questions will put your mind at ease when it comes to wearing dentures.

Am I Limited In The Kind of Foods I Can Eat?

Once you get used to wearing dentures, there should not be any limitations on the foods you eat. During the first few weeks, you may have general difficulties swallowing and chewing though. Limit your diet to foods that are soft and easy for you to chew. If you want to avoid having the front teeth of the dentures potentially crack, avoid biting tough foods with the front teeth.

Will Dentures Move Around When I Talk?

Many new denture wearers have trouble with lower dentures that move while talking. This will be a common problem until you are completely comfortable wearing them, as you will need to relearn where you place your tongue when speaking. People that still have difficulties with moving dentures may decide to use a denture adhesive. It will help hold everything in place while both eating and talking. Denture adhesives can become a dependency for some people, making them a requirement to wear their dentures every day.

Will My Gums Be Sore From Wearing Dentures?

You will have sore gums during the adjustment period, as it is completely common with new denture wearers. The soreness should go away in time though. If you feel that your gums continue to feel sore, making you unable to comfortably wear your dentures, make an appointment with a clinic like Boviz Denture Clinic to have them looked at. Adjustments will most likely be made to make the dentures more comfortable.

When Can I Take My Dentures Out?

During the initial adjustment period, you should be wearing your dentures throughout the entire day. While some dentists will recommend taking them out to sleep, your dentist may recommend leaving them on all the time at first to allow your mouth to adjust.

Switching to dentures is a major transition in life. If you have more questions about dentures that are not answered here, feel free to follow up with your dentist.