Three Tips To Help Deal With Sensitivity And Soreness After A Tooth Reshaping Procedure

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A tooth reshaping procedure is an easy and cheap way to fix a cosmetic imperfection with one of your teeth. However, while only a little bit of enamel will have to be removed from your tooth, you might have to deal with mild to moderate sensitivity and soreness around the affected area. To ensure that you can effectively deal with this sensitivity and soreness without compromising your overall oral health, remember these three tips.

Use A Dental Mouth Guard When You're Not Eating

One of the primary purposes of dental mouth guards is to prevent people from grinding their teeth together while they're sleeping. But even if you don't have any problem with ground down molars, a mouth guard could be useful for temporarily protecting your reshaped tooth from painful impacts with other teeth.

Even if every little impact involving the reshaped tooth doesn't lead to immediate pain, the impacts could still be a contributing factor to periodic soreness spells. Therefore, if you do decide to use a dental mouth guard, it's better to use it as much as you can rather than only using it when the tooth in question is particularly sensitive.

Avoid Over The Counter Whitening Products For A Little While

Whether the dentist removed a small amount or large amount of enamel from your tooth, the newly exposed exterior enamel layer needs a healthy amount of time to adjust to its new position. Otherwise, any pain problems you have will get worse instead of better with time.

While extremely sugary foods certainly won't be your friend during this adjustment period, it's important to also avoid over the counter whitening products. This is because most whitening products that are effective stick to and place a lot of strain on enamel.

Use Disposable Floss Picks If The Affected Tooth Is Jammed Against Other Teeth

Floss is another thing that could potentially put a lot of pressure on the reshaped part of a tooth if you use it very aggressively. Additionally, the chance of floss causing extra sensitivity and soreness is greatly increased if there's very little space between the tooth in question and its neighboring teeth.

Packs of disposable floss picks are ideal for flossing your teeth without having to press the string really hard. This is because the plastic handle on a floss pick gives you more leverage. Disposable floss picks are especially useful if the tooth is in the back of your mouth and you normally struggle with flossing back teeth.

For more tips on caring for your teeth, you may want to contact a local cosmetic dentistry clinic and talk to the staff there.